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Missing, decaying, or severely damaged teeth are oral health problems you don’t have to live with. At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Brandon, Florida, family dentist M. Goodarzi, DMD, and his expert staff offer dental crowns and bridges to restore the function and appearance of your teeth and smile. Call the office to learn more about your options or use the online booking feature today.

Crowns and Bridges Q&A

What are crowns and bridges?

Cosmetically pleasing dental crowns and bridges at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry are made of porcelain. They function, look, and feel just like natural surrounding teeth and perfect the appearance of your beautiful smile.

Crowns are dental caps made of specialized dental materials. They fit over the top of the entire surface of a damaged or decaying tooth to protect it from future problems. Implant-supported crowns attach to artificial tooth roots and replace missing permanent teeth.

Bridges are dental restorations that replace missing permanent teeth using multiple natural-looking artificial teeth.

What are the benefits of crowns and bridges?

The benefits of choosing crowns and bridges at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry include:

  • Strong, long-lasting results
  • No more gaps
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Aesthetically pleasing outcomes
  • Reduced risk of future decay and damage 

The process of getting crowns and bridges is simple and painless.

Are crowns and bridges right for me?

After reviewing your symptoms and oral health history, your Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provider lets you know if crowns and bridges are suitable for you. They may also take dental X-rays before examining your teeth and gums and discussing your preferences. Your dentist then tailors a restorative dental treatment that’s best for you. 

What should I expect during crown and bridge placement?

What you can expect during crown and bridge placement depends on the type of tooth restorations you receive. Your provider first prepares affected teeth by removing any decay. They then digitally scan your teeth, allowing a dental lab to create custom restorations that comfortably fit your teeth and mouth. 

During implant-supported crown and bridge placement, your Family & Cosmetic Dentistry specialist surgically implants metal posts (dental implants) into your jaw and allows them to heal before scanning your mouth, developing custom-fitted restorations, and securely bonding them to the implants.

Take good care of your crowns and bridges by not chewing on hard objects, flossing daily, brushing your teeth after meals, and seeing your Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provider for dental cleanings and exams at least every six months.

To learn more about crowns and bridges at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and find out if they’re right for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.