VELscope Lesion Detection

VELscope is the best technology at detecting lesions in the mouth. Not only is it used to detect oral cancer, but it also more comprehensively detects a wider variety of oral diseases. The VELscope is used to detect these abnormalities before they become visible under ordinary everyday light. This screening finds any abnormalities on the lips, mouth, and upper throat. This tool is used in conjunction with a normal visual test while cleaning.

The VELscope is passed over your mouth and the blue light causes a natural patterned fluorescence of the mouth. Any abnormal tissue will have that pattern disrupted. This indicates something is wrong with the tissue and Dr. Goodarzi will determine what the best course of treatment is if anything is found. Early detection for any sort of mouth issue is always important, so contact Dr. Goodarzi’s office in Brandon to consult to see if this is the right course of action for you.

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